Vsc cook

Company Name:
Therapeutic Alternatives, Inc.
Plan required menus with specified portions and a snack, making sure food is available for preparation in order to ensure each resident is served a minimum of three nutritionally adequate and palatable meals daily.
1. Prepare required menus at least one week in advance, in writing, with portions specified and snacks shown, making sure the food is available for preparation in order to assure that each resident is served a minimum of three nutritionally adequate and palatable meals a day.
2. Plan therapeutic menus (per physicians' orders in consultatiion with a registered dietitian).
3. Record any menu substitutions on menu calendar before food is served.
4. Post menus in kitchen for guidance of food service staff and make available to residents according to home policy.
5. Maintain an up-to-date preference list of foods for each resident.
6. Prepare and serve three meals a day at regular hours with at least 10 hours between breakfast and dinner meals.
7. Assure that hot foods are served hot (above 140 degrees F) and cold foods are served cold (below 45 degrees F).
8. Prepare a nutritional bag lunch for all residents attending a day program away from the Adult Care Home. Be aware of foods that may become contaminated as these residents may not have the availability of a refrigerator.
9. Prepare and assure that appropriate menu snacks are served daily.
10. Take inventory and purchase all food and food supplies so as to operate within the facilitiy's budget and according to administrative policy.
11. Check all food deliveries for accuracy, sign all invoices and food receipts and keep on file for ED/Administrator's review.
12. Help maintain the self-respect, personal dignity and physical safety of each resident.
13. Be familiar with confidentiality regarding resident information and adhere to requirements.
14. Work cooperatively with all other staff and relate favorably to residents and their families.
15. Be familiar with and able to apply all the home's accident, fire safety, OSHA and emergency procedures.
16. Be familiar with the Adult Care Home Residents' Bill of Rights and assist residents with exercising these rights.
17. Assure careful treatment of Adult Care Home equipment and utilization of supplies.
18. Be responsible for reading and adhering to all Adult Care Home and employee policies.
19. Participate in job-related continuing education as required by ED/Administrator.
20. Perform other related duties as assigned or required by circumstances.
21. Notify ED/Administrator and RCC of residents' irregular eating habits and special needs per home's policy.
1. Must have experience in food service
2. Must be able to read, write, understand and follow directions
3. Must maintain cleanliness of kitchen within NC Environmental Health Standards
4. Must have an understanding of NC Rules and Regulations
5. Must have no substantiated findings on the NC Personnel Registry or Health Care Program
6. Must have a clear SBI and DMV record and maintain them during period of employment
Date: 2014-08-07
Country: US
State: NC
City: Kinston
Postal Code: 28504
Category: Customer Service/Support
Job Type: Regular Part-Time

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